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For National Creativity, Peace and Youth Development.

The end of the cold war was celebrated in many circles to have effectively removed ideological barriers. However, that celebration was short - lived as the last three decades have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of civil strife and violent conflicts around the world. Nigeria, for example, was not left out of this confusion having witnessed a good number of ethno- religious and intra- state conflicts. More so, the prolonged years of military rule, the civil war and the proliferation of small arms and light weapon have made our youths susceptible to the culture of violence, thuggery and banditry.

"What the nation therefore needs today in order to develop and build ideal democratic culture is unity not disunity, peace not war, wine not blood and bread not bullet".

Ideal peace and harmony are achievable by impacting the ethics and spirit of Peace Building, Disarmament, Conflict Resolution and Management on our youths through Citizenship and Leadership Training, Patriotic Education and Re- orientation, founded on the bed rock of Strict Discipline.

This can be done in realization of two truths: only in peaceful environment will young people realize their full potentials; and young people have the potentials to start building their peaceful world today.